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Using Facial Oil in More Ways than One

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The following post was created by Kelly O’Neil, lover of Wilderness Soap Co. products and volunteer for the company. 

When you find a facial oil that balances your skin, there really is no turning back. I am your classic dry dry dry complexion vs. my partner Adam who has combination to oily skin. Luckily we have both found formulas that work really well for us. 

I have fallen in love with Wilderness Soap Co’s Revive Facial Serum. Not just for its light delicious floral scent. This oil combination of protective nut oils, balanced with floral oils including earthy geranium, is the exact light weight formula that my skin needs. I even use it to remove my make-up. 


Adam uses Wilderness Soap Co’s Backwoods Beard Oil. I personally love the scent of it and sometimes steal a drop or two for myself. The formula is a bit richer as it is meant to be used as a beard oil. Adam likes to mix a small amount of water into his palms with the oil to apply to his face and next. He is prone to breakouts and even I have noticed an improvement in his skin’s clarity since he started this routine morning and night.


Use Facial Oil on your Hands

Another wise use for facial oil is as a moisturizer for your hands. If you are prone to dryness here is a suggestion that I simply love. Take some of the body butter of your choice, my favourite combination is with the sweet orange, add two drops of your facial oil for the benefit of enhancing the moisture in the formula. This can be used on your hand and feet. When you apply to your feet, snuggle into a pair of nice socks to retain the moisture. This is especially a treat in the winter months when your skin is most moisture depleted.

Use Facial Oil in your Hair

Personally, my hair has a mind of it’s own. I have been using oil in my hair for years as I find it is the only real way to add enough moisture to tame fly-aways. It also adds a natural glow that helps to tame the volume. Try applying facial oil to your hair after the shower. Apply four drops of oil for thick hair or two to three for thin. Comb it through and let it dry naturally. If you’re like me and your hair is dry, you can even apply the oil to try hair to help set it. Enjoy the beautiful scent of your oil all day!


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