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Stockist Spotlight - The 6 Oceans Gallery

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Wilderness Soap Co. Stockist Spotlight ~

The 6 Oceans Gallery


In this weeks edition of our Stockist Spotlight, we meet Susan of The 6 Oceans Gallery, located on Queen Street West in Toronto. In her shop, you will find many products handmade by Canadian artists such as jewelry inspired by the Rocky Mountains, clothing inspired by pristine Muskoka lakes, and art inspired by the majestic Atlantic Ocean. She stocks unique items from around the world, but since Canada is her home, she is extremely proud to support local artists. 

Tell me about yourself and your shop! 

As a maker myself, my dream was always to have my own shop. The name The 6 Oceans Gallery was born on a beach while I was dreaming of of what my shop would be like. There are 5 oceans in the world, and The 6 Oceans Gallery is the 6th.  Also “The 6” is a nickname for Toronto because of the 416 area code.  I thought it was witty and captures the Boho vibe of the store.

What inspired you to open The 6 Oceans Gallery?

I am from Ontario, but I have lived in the Caribbean and The 6 Oceans Gallery is a reflection of the boho beach lifestyle. I have over 65 Canadian artists in the shop, from soap to jewelry, clothing and many more unique gifts.

What is your favourite part of being an entrepreneur? 

My favourite part of being an entrepreneur is curating the shop. I also love it when I hear customers say what an amazing place it is to visit, not just for the unique art and clothing, but because of how the shop makes people feel. The smell of the soaps and candles, and the pieces that make people feel happy and calm, whether it is a Canadian-made piece of jewelry or an up-cycled silk kimono.

How do you choose the brands for your shop?

I choose the brands in the store that are socially conscious, whether it be that they are creating up-cycled clothing or using fair trade practices as their moral compass for their business.

What does the perfect day off look like to you?

My perfect day off would be to go back to where I used to live in the Cayman Islands for a visit. Someday we will travel again, but for now, The 6 Oceans Gallery has gorgeous resin Ocean Soul pieces that help to bring the turquoise waters to Canada.

You can find The 6 Oceans Gallery at 962 Queen Street West in Toronto, ON, or visit them online at or on Instagram: @the6oceansgallery

♥ Laura

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