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Stockist Spotlight - Jipsi Tree

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Wilderness Soap Co. Stockist Spotlight ~ 

Jipsi Tree

In this weeks edition of our Stockist Spotlight, we meet JoAnne McElroy from Jipsi Tree, a nature-inspired shop located on the Vancouver Island. 

Tell me about yourself!

I love anything nature-based. If I am not in the shop - I enjoy my days off in the mountains or the trails surrounding our village. I love animals and have 3 cats. I am an auntie to a couple of local dogs who I take with me on excursions when I can.

What inspired you to open a retail shop?

It was an evolution. I started jipsi tree - the clothing line - in 2014, and after 4 years of selling to other shops and doing markets, etc. it was time to open my own little shop. 

What is your favourite part of being an entrepreneur?

I absolutely LOVE working for myself. Being my own boss is very empowering. I would never change that.

How do you choose the brands for your shop?

The brands are based on:
1) Fitting in with the nature/outdoors-inspired theme of the store
2) Artisan-based / small batch
3) Natural element / earthy feel
4) They must resonate with my taste 
5) Plant-based (no animal products)

What are some sustainable practices you have in place at the shop?

Some sustainable practices we have in place at the shop are recycling, using natural cleaning products and maintaining environmentally sustainable products in the shop. 

What does the perfect day off look like to you?

The perfect day off would be hiking and running way up in the mountains with a friend and a couple of dogs in tow.

What is your favourite self-care ritual?

A plant-based diet and a great exercise routine!

You can find Jipsi Tree at 2698 Dunsmuir Avenue in Cumberland, BC, or visit them on Facebook or on Instagram: @jipsitree

♥ Laura

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