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Stockist Spotlight - Craigleith Trading Post

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In this weeks edition of our Stockist Spotlight, we meet the Sohal's from Craigleith Trading Post, a curated boutique featuring Canadian-made goods located in Craigleith (the Blue Mountains).  

What inspired you to open Craigleith Trading Post? 

We opened Craigleith Trading Post in December 2019 as a way to bring the community together. We sell primarily Canadian brands, Canadian made and locally made clothing and goods! 


What is your favourite part of being an entrepreneur? 

My (Chelsea) favourite thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to create what I want when I want. I was always working a 9-5 before we decided to open CTP and I love that I can work essentially when I want. Most of the time, its 7 days a week, any hour of the day - but I still love it. I love that as a mother, I can bring my kids to work if I need to. 

How do you choose the brands for your shop?

We are very careful in choosing the brands and companies we work with. A lot of research is put into every item we sell. I could tell you where everything in our store is manufactured - it's critical to our branding that we know where things are made. People are always pleasantly surprised that they can buy clothing made right here in Canada. 

What are some sustainable practices you have in place at the shop?

Some sustainable practices we have in store are recycled and reusable packaging. We also love to email receipts when possible. A lot of the brands we currently sell are very sustainable and fair-trade. It's honestly an entire store vibe. 


What does the perfect weekend off look like to you?

The perfect weekend off for us is spending time with our beautiful girls - everything we do is for them! 

You can find Craigleith Trading Post at 209814 Hwy 26 in Craigleith (the Blue Mountains), ON, or visit them online or on Instagram: @craigleithtradingpost

♥ Laura


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