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A Wilderness Retreat for your Skin!

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The following post was created by Kelly O’Neil, lover of Wilderness Soap Co. products and a recent volunteer for the company. 

In the summer we are so much more naturally inclined to pay extra attention to our beauty rituals. We apply sunscreen to protect our skin, more often we remember to exfoliate areas of our body that are exposed, especially our faces and if you’re anything like me, you love to explore new products that enhance the natural glow of the season. Moisturizers in particular!

Since I discovered Wilderness Soap Co, I have experimented with a variety of Laura’s products. For me, it’s been about a year and a half of almost exclusively using her natural soaps made in small batches with essential oils. In fact our whole family have become lovers of this soap line, especially my 4 year old daughter who favours the simplicity of the Coconut Soap Bar or sometimes the freshness of the Grapefruit.

When I say that I have been experimenting with this product line, I really mean it! I’m not sure that there is a Wilderness Soap Co. product that I haven’t tried. To keep things simple, in this entry I will focus on my recently discovered summertime favourites. You can explore further at

My use of products fits with my typical routine and the daily activity of my family. Hiking is a passion for us and we live in the perfect community for it! South Georgian Bay offers some of the best hiking on the Niagara Escarpment with views of diverse terrain and spectacular of water.

The Camper Soap Bar is a must try for hikers. Start your morning shower ritual using this blend of natural bug repellant including essential oils of citronella, tea tree oil and eucalyptus to avoid ever using harmful DEET.  

Post swim I love to use Wilderness Soap Co’s Body Butter. My summertime scent of choice is the sweet orange. In the winter I switch it up for the comforting sent of vanilla vetiver.

My skin is naturally extremely dry so this dense moisturizer based with rich macadamia nut oil and vitamin E soaks right in to provide a smooth dewy glow after the beach. If you want to take summer skin care to the next level, I recommend weekly use of the Lemon Lime Scrub as a natural exfoliant. 

Finally, for the end of any complete summer day, I love to soak in my tub with the Luxe Bath Soak. This product is extremely aromatic and relaxing featuring healing bath salt infused with the aroma of peppermint and eucalyptus.

Tip by Laura: sprinkle the Luxe Bath Soak in the bottom of the shower to create a steamed infusion of delicious scents that will be sure to alert your senses.

What are your favourite summer skin care products? Share your comments with Laura. She is always interested to hear strait from you what is working best and why.



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